• PLACE: Verona
  • YEAR: 2018
  • DIAMETER:480 cm
  • HEIGHT: 475 cm
  • STEPS: 28

Helicoidal metal staircase with AISI 304 stainless steel parapet of the E-TO line inside an innovative and cutting-edge gym. 


A helicoidal metal staircase of the E-TO line designed specifically to connect the tool room with a room used for spinning, putting attention to the smallest details to satisfy the needs of all customers.

During the design we studied the needs of our client and the end user and we analyzed the specific problems of a staircase inside a gym, such as the use of metal shoes. This analysis led us to design a special steel tread characterized by a specific treatment to resist wear and scratches.

Furthermore, given the large diameter of the staircase, it was necessary to provide adequate support for the structure coordinated with the context, also designed to be not only functional but also of great aesthetic impact.

Paying always attention to current regulations governing the installations and the usability of stairs in places open to public, we have included in the project a rest platform halfway up the stair.

In this gym there were steel trusses and state of the art sport equipment, for this reason we used the steel so as to have a staircase perfectly in tune with the surrounding space and in perfect balance between functionality and innovation.