scala elicoidale cemento con piante rampicanti
  • PLACE: Pisa
  • YEAR: 2016
  • DIAMETER: 300 cm
  • HEIGHT: 410 cm
  • STEPS: 24

Helicoidal concrete staircase without parapet of C-A line, embellished with climbing plants.

An helicoidal concrete staircase of C-A line of great impact, made unique and more scenographic by climbing plants that wrap and emphasize the sinuous lines of the staircase.

The idea of the project comes from the desire to have a monumental staircase with an important and “alive” diameter connecting the exhibition space to the administrative offices. We have satisfied the customer’s needs thanks to the possibility of producing prefabricated modules of big size within our company in this case of diameter 300 cm.

In addition, we have designed and built a large pool at the base of the staircase where several plants have been inserted which dialogue in height with the helicoidal concrete stair and its AISI 304 stainless steel parapet. The stair was completed in shades of grey resin coating to create homogeneity with the surrounding environment. The staircase, a functional architectural element, in this case becomes the main protagonist of the space.