Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TA

Scala Elicoidale in Metallo e Legno modello ETB

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TB

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TR

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TO

Scala Elicoidale in Metallo e Legno serie ETT

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TT

scala elicoidale edilco scale - linea Metallo E-TS

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TS

scala elicoidale edilco scale - linea Metallo E-TZ

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TZ

scala elicoidale edilco scale - linea Metallo E-TZ2

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TZ2

scala elicoidale edilco scale - linea Metallo ETRC

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-TRC

scala elicoidale edilco scale - linea Metallo E-16

Staircase Metal Line

Series E-16

Helical staircase in metal

Spiral helical staircase or circular staircase of metal helical shape

The passion for the ladder has been Edilco’s craft since 1973. From the love for one’s work, from fantasy, from experience, the future of the metal ladder is born here every day. Solid, resistant, the steel stairs represent the perfect union between functionality and design, between a modern and innovative style. With a wide range of proposals and completely customizable solutions, Edilco presents itself as a leading company in the national and international field in the design of steel stairs for all the needs of its customers.

The steel stairs are available in many versions: straight lines, with a helical shape (as an alternative to common spiral staircases), mixed staircases, elliptical scales, variable width, modular, able to adapt easily and style to any type of environment . Our steel stairs have a shaped structure with different profiles, from the rectilinear to the corrugated and curvilinear profile, depending on the needs of furniture and design: the metal structure is also associated with any type of material for the steps, from the crystal , for an effect of transparency and play of light of great impact, to wood, to give strength and elegance to the environment itself. Luxurious marble and granite are also available as well as natural stone.

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