For almost forty years we solve the most demanding and complex technical situations, for major Italian and foreign companies, but also for private parties. Our experience and first-rate technical staff will guide you towards the best choice, providing all the assistance, documentation and the guarantee of our products.

Inspection and budget
We always provide a quote fast, complete, thorough and free inspection where it is necessary.

Tips and Solutions
Following the inspection we are able to offer the best solutions for installation.

Multimedia design
You can receive the detailed design of the chosen staircases and an estimate cost.

Staircases Design and realization on custom design
Edilco can run stairs in concrete line during construction, solving the most varied situations and customizations.

Railings, banisters, finishes
Edilco stairs can be finished with banisters of our production, adding security to the structure.

Coating of the steps
Both internal and external stairs, concrete or metal, can be customized with various materials: leather, glass, wood, marble …

Since the establishment of a simple step spiral staircase up to the creation of more complex, our work is completely handmade.

Our operators are highly qualified, they ensure the timely and the correct installation of our staircases throughout the country.

Cleaning and maintenance
All our staircases are accompanied by product data sheets. In addition to technical information you will find useful information for maintenance and cleaning.

For all our work, where it is necessary, we provide all warranty and technical documentation on our products.

Our staff is able to advise you not only about design but also for the practical issues related to bureaucratic and reductions of 36% for restructuring.