EDILCO was founded in 1973 with the purpose, at the time revolutionary, to change the way we conceive the stairs. Until the late 70s they were intended as a simple utility for going upstairs or downstairs, destined to be relegated to a corner of our homes. EDILCO opens the way to stairs to become a design object, transforming it into a true furniture element.

At the beginning the main business is prefabrication and installation of concrete spiral staircases. Immediately this type of staircase affirms itself on the local market and then expands rapidly throughout the nation. As a result of the participation in international events such as the Saie and the Fiera del Levante EDILCO meets with great public success. The production increases, making it necessary to move the headquarters to a new, larger and more functional site.

The early 80s start a new phase of experimentation. The adoption of new materials leads to the realization of the first models of modular staircases composed by modular steel elements with crystal steps. At first, these modern and futuristic structures have the same range of their concrete counterparts. Soon it becomes evident that because of the custom design, necessary for each client, a new perspective with respect to predefined diameters is opening. The result is a completely new concept of staircases.

Its technical features together with continuous research and development lead EDILCO to deal with the great works. The result are large stairs made possible by challenging phases of design and intended for a prestigious clientele such as multinational corporations and hotel chains. Today EDILCO boasts among its clients companies such as Mediaset, TNT Traco, Unicredit, SBM de Monaco, Metropolitan Museum New York, SEA Milan Airports. The production of new steel models grows and relaunches the company until achievement of success in such aspired foreign markets as Russia and USA. At the same time, the range of concrete structures is expanded to include five new exclusive models. The enriched range of concrete stairs results therefore capable to satisfy any need. Today, EDILCO customers can choose among various concrete stairs models without height restrictions.

In 2014 EDILCO is purchased by a Tuscan company that transfers the legal head office and production site to Pistoia, which is only about 30 km from Florence, the capital of art. The new owners take over and refine the characteristics of excellence that have contributed to the spread of the EDILCO brand, making it famous and prestigious all over the world.

Today EDILCO is a young and dynamic company where you are assisted by technical staff of the first order, finding a solution to the most difficult design conditions. Having faced for almost fifty years the most demanding and complex technical situations, EDILCO is a must towards the realization of the most ambitious contemporary projects. This is proved by the rich portfolio of prestigious clients among the most important companies in Italy and worldwide.