Helicoidal Staircases in Concrete · Model C-SA

This exclusive model has steps without riser. This feature allows the insertion of different materials like glass, a different wood etc. In this particular version the riser is angled and is made of layered glass with LED lighting. All the LED are inside the glass layers and no wiring is visible. Circular staircase of spiral shape in reinforced concrete, available in different dimensions. It is composed of single precast elements, assembled on site, including in one piece:

  • without riser;
  • tread with or without torus;
  • coffered below tairs;
  • outer side closed by belt edge;
  • inner fulcrum is not a column but is a self supporting spiral well.
  • the arrival landing is structurally part of the staircase. Available in 11 different diameters:
Scala Elicoidale Cemento
Scala Elicoidale Cemento